Setting up conference on work practice for students of the Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication Department

On 6 November 2020, the Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication held an orientation conference on industrial practice on the Zoom platform.

In accordance with the Academic Policy of the University and the Academic Calendar for 2020-2021 academic year, full-time students of the educational programme 6B01702 “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages” are sent for industrial (pedagogical) practice from 9 November to 4 December 2020. The duration of the internship corresponds to the number of loans under plan 4*4.

The purpose of the internship is to consolidate and form a system of competencies for the integrated use of applied and general theoretical knowledge, skills and abilities in a foreign language, provided for in the acquisition of practical skills and experience in professional activities under the educational program 6B01702 “Foreign language: two foreign languages” in the following types of professional activities: industrial and practical, organizational and managerial.

The setting conference was held by the head of practice, senior lecturer of the Department Rahimbaeva Bayan Turabekovna.

The conference was attended by students of DIN-19-1s and 2s groups. Also present at the conference were the head of the department Gazikhanova Zhanar Gazizovna and specialist of educational-methodical department on practice Konysbaeva Zhumagul Meirzhanovna.

During the conference, students were acquainted with the tasks and programme of practice, and received full methodological instruction. All necessary documents on the organisation and methodological materials for practical training were provided.

A month before the start of the internship, an order was issued to send students to general education institutions for internships and to release them, and an internship supervisor was appointed from the department. The order was also presented with specific data on students who are sent for internships under the contract and those who are released. Students who are sent on the order for an internship have submitted applications from the school to the department in advance, where the institution undertakes to provide our internship students with an internship site. Students in our educational programme will only be exempt from an internship if they are working in an occupation, i.e. as an English teacher in a relevant organisation, and will confirm this with a certificate of employment and a specialist profile.

Due to the current situation in the country, high school students in Kazakhstan study online. Practical students will also have to do their internships online, conduct English lessons, classroom hours and school events using Internet resources. In view of the above, the Department has developed a handbook for professional internships online, which prescribes the specific actions a student-practitioner should take, all types of work performed are presented in tables by block and week.

We wish our students good luck!

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