Seminar on Inclusive Education

On October 7-10, 2019, a seminar for teachers of secondary schools and higher education institutions on the following topical issues was held at the University of Narykbayev KAZGU  in Nur-Sultan:
1.Professional development for inclusive education – 2 days.
2.Content and Language Integrated Learning – 2 days.

The theme of inclusive education is particularly relevant for Kazakhstan, as one of the goals of the education system is to provide equal learning opportunities for pupils and students with special needs.
This seminar provided the teachers with an opportunity to get acquainted with the main problems and their solutions, methods and trends in inclusive education.
From the Bolashaq Academy, the seminar was attended by K.A. Sarbasova, senior lecturer at the Department of Preschool and Primary Education, who familiarized herself with the main problems and their solutions, methods and trends in inclusive education, as well as with the application of subject-based, integrated language learning, which allows students to develop linguistic competences through the subject and expand intercultural knowledge through language.
The workshop was conducted in the framework of the Erasmus+ project in English by D.M. (Daan) Romein MPs, Education Team Leader, Department of Higher Education, University of Leiden, Netherlands, and Henk Frencken, Senior Education Consultant, University of Leiden, Netherlands.

Семинар проводился в рамках проекта Erasmus+ на английском языке руководителем группы по вопросам образования Департамента Высшего Образования Высшей Школы Педагогики Университета Лейден, Нидерланды, D.M. (Daan) Romein МSс и старшим консультантом по вопросам образования в Университете Лейден, Нидерланды, Henk Frencken.

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