Seminar on “Countering and preventing corruption”

On May 18, a seminar on “Countering and preventing corruption” was held at the Bolashaq Academy with the participation of an employee of the department of the Agency for Combating Corruption in the Karaganda region. The event was attended by the teaching staff and students of the Bolashaq Academy, who listened to the speakers’ reports.
The speakers were the speaker of the Antikor pool – Vitaly V. Gorozhankin and Marlene Kozhakhmetov, a student of the U-19-2 group.
During the seminar, the speakers spoke about the implementation of the Concept of Anti-Corruption Policy for the next five years, the project “Bizneske Zhol” aimed at helping entrepreneurs, as well as about the “Corruption Risk Map”, which identifies the most risky areas and problematic issues of society. It was discussed that the acceptance and non—acceptance of corruption manifestations as an alien phenomenon – only if it becomes the civil position of every citizen of Kazakhstan, anti-corruption measures will be effective. Within the framework of the seminar, a video material was presented about citizens who commit corruption crimes and are serving sentences.
Answering the questions of teachers and students, the speakers dwelt in detail on the essence of corruption, its content, goals, subjects, forms and types, areas of implementation, features of its manifestation in all spheres of society.

If you are faced with corruption manifestations on the part of civil servants or have become an unwitting witness of illegal corruption violations, then you need to contact the Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Anti-Corruption Service) in one of the following ways:

  1. In writing to the postal address: 100000, Karaganda city, Alikhanov Street, 12 house, or to the territorial departments at the place of residence;
  2. Through the online portal service of the electronic government (an existing electoral subscription is required – ECR);
  3. One more call-the mobile service operator at the toll-free number 1424

We ask you to indicate your last name, first name and group when contacting us. Anonymous applications are not considered. Collect information about the act of grouping , which you can get on an electronic medium love by helpline +7 (7212) 420-417.

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