Riddles of individual psychological characteristics of personality

The March meeting of the Personality Plus Psychological Club brought together students from different educational programs: “Pedagogy and Psychology”, “Jurisprudence”, “Foreign language: two foreign languages”.

Sofia Khusainova, President of the Personality Plus Psychological club, noted that individual psychological characteristics of a person are unique and can lead to many riddles and questions.

The individual psychological identity of a personality is a unique puzzle, where each element is determined by a variety of factors, starting with genetics and upbringing, ending with the influence of the environment and personal experience.

Understanding human nature and the processes taking place inside us helps to solve these riddles:

– “Genes as a “fatal legacy” in the formation of personality” (Daria Nurshinova);

– “The environment as a dominant factor in the development of a modern personality” (Tatyana Fedyaeva);

– “Studies of the genotypic and environmental conditioning of the formation of the psyche” (Elizaveta Kerimova);

– “Genius” or marginal: the mysteries of individual psychological characteristics of personality” (Sofia Khusainova).

Understanding the versatility of a person, understanding the depth of his personal origins open up the opportunity for us to know our “I” and determine the vector of our own self-development.

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