Report on the sectional meeting No. 7 “Modern aspects of biology, medicine and pharmacy”

13 articles were submitted to the conference. The geography of the authors of sectional reports is as follows: 3 reports were from West Kazakhstan University named after. Makhambet Utemisova, Uralsk; 2 reports from the Kazakhstan Medical University named after. Asfendiyarova S.Zh. (Almaty), 3 – from Karaganda University named after. Buketova E., 1 – represented by a teacher of secondary school No. 40 in Karaganda, as well as 1 – from Karaganda Medical University and 3 – from the Bolashaq Academy. A total of 13 messages were submitted, of which: in the Kazakh language -6, in Russian -7.

About 15 people attended the meeting: teachers from the department of pharmaceutical disciplines and speakers.

At the meeting, two reports were presented on the development of new drugs, which is certainly a pressing problem in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Thus, the first message on the topic “Development of ointment technology with the addition of calendula officinalis extract” was presented by Alimzhanova A.K. (work leader: associate professor of KazNMU named after S.Zh. Asfendiyarov; A.K. Kaldybaeva). And also a report on the topic “Quality indicators of oil extract from flowers of calendula officinalis” was presented by Kobeisinova Zh.N. (work leader: associate professor of KazNMU named after S.Zh. Asfendiyarov; A.K. Kaldybaeva). Both speakers had an excellent command of the material and clearly answered the questions posed.

The third report was presented by teacher of biology and chemistry S.T. Shakabaeva. on the topic “Medicinal Herbs” also aroused keen interest from the audience; the speaker received many questions and recommendations from teachers – pharmacists.

By general decision, the reports were awarded to the representative – Alimzhanova A.K. and Kobeisinova Zh.N. A separate letter of gratitude was presented to the head of both works, Associate Professor A.K. Kaldybaeva. Teacher Shakabaeva S.T. received a certificate of participation in the anniversary conference.

Chairman of the section Tnimova G.T.

Secretary Tutay D.

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