Relay Race of poems dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Kasym Amanzholov

In 2021 the country is celebrating the 110th anniversary of the talented akyn Kasym Amanzholov. Poetry readings dedicated to Kasym Amanzholov will be held in October this year.

Within the framework of the anniversary events, a relay race of poems was launched in social networks. We invite everyone to take part in the relay race. Publish your reading of poems by Kasym Amanzholov under the hashtags #qasymamanzholov #qasym110 #zhyrestafetasy in social networks and on the website of the Academy “Bolashaq”.

As part of the anniversary, the Karaganda region began a baton of poems. The baton was picked up by the owner of the State award named after Abay, akin Serik Aksunkaruly, who passed the baton to an outstanding Kazakh poet Galym Zhailybay.

Kazakh poet Galym Zhailebay takes the baton and passes it to the Chairman of the International Union of Poets, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Professor, poet Jursin Yerman.

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