We invite you to the Gender and Health round table

On December 6, 2019, at 15.00 we invite everyone to take part in the round table “Gender and Health” at the following address: 16 Erubaev Street, Karaganda, Bolashaq Academy, auditorium 401.


1. Introductory word and brief report on the topicality of the topic of the round table head, Professor G.T. Tnimova (5 min.)

2. Speeches of the PPS and students of the department (10 min)

2.1 Health of a university teacher in terms of a holistic approach (G.T. Tnimova)

2.2 Biological age and motivation of Academy students (Tagirova Ekaterina, FM-17-1)

3. Speeches by invited guests of the round table:

3.1 A little humor and not only: Theory of convexity and convexity of the human body (Eleanora Zhevaykina, 10 min.).

3.2 Vitology – practical valeology (Dmitry Parkhachev, 20 min.)

3.3 Demonstration of health diagnostics by methods of vitalogy (D.V. Parkhachev, 20 min. Alpisov Dulat).

4. Questions for speakers, wishes, discussion of draft recommendations of the round table participants (15 min.).

5. Closing speech by the head of the round table, Professor G. T. Tnimova (5 min).

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