Open lesson on working with parents in primary school

Open classes are a form of studying, summarizing and disseminating the best practices of the teaching staff. It has become a tradition at Bolashaq Academy to visit open classes not only by members of the department, but also by members of the Educational and Methodological Council, where classes are discussed, decisions are made, and action plans for the implementation of proposals and comments are drawn up.

On the 15th November 2022 Associate Professor of the Department of “Pedagogy”, Ph.D. Shaltaeva Roza Jiembaevna in the group PMNO-19-2 held a seminar on the subject “Work with parents in the primary school. The theme of the lesson was “Forms and methods of work of the teacher with parents of primary schoolchildren”.

The teacher chose business game as an active form of the seminar. Business game is one of the methods of active learning. Business game is a process of imitation, i.e. a process of step-by-step clarification of factors, analysis of information and decision-making on a particular situation.

Students participated very actively in the sessions. The tasks were performed creatively and were closely related to the student’s professional experience. At the end of the lesson the teacher together with the students, referring to the objectives of the lesson, discussed the conclusions about their achievements and results of the work; the evaluation of the students’ activity was given, explanations were given.Thus, the structure of the seminar was kept in a logical form and fully corresponded to the working programme of the discipline. The structure was clear, during the open lesson all planned questions of the topic were considered. The time of the lesson of business game was used rationally.

Associate Professor of the Department of Pedagogy, candidate of pedagogical sciences Shaltaeva R. Zh.

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