Open educational hour

On December 9 the department “Kazakh language and literature” held an open educational hour, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Independence of the RK. The event was held by the pulpit teacher Akhmetova N.T.

The event was conducted in groups of Russian-speaking students and trainees.

The lecturer welcomed and said that independence is a voice of nation, national language and mentality, the greatest value of our country and underlined the importance of the measures, directed on showing selfless heroism of our nation on the way of independence to young generation. Student activists from the academy participated in the event.

Students recited poems by poets, honored those who died on the road to independence and showed presentations about their deeds.

We thank Rakhimova Zarina, Tuleuova Kamila, Bayymbayeva Tomiris and group U-21-1 student Ibraj Nasip who took part in our event.

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