Open curatorial hour on the theme: “Legal universal education

On October 22, 2022, the editors of Pedagogy Dept. advisors Shutenova S.R., Tajinin A.M. held an open curatorial hour with Russian-speaking students of specialty Pedagogy and Psycology on the theme: “Legal universal education”. Vice-rector Ismailova Rayhan Nalzhigitovna for social and pedagogic work took part in the open mentoring hour.

The purpose of the curatorial hour was to increase the legal culture of students and the formation of tradition of respect for the law.

During the curatorial hour was discussed the importance of knowledge and compliance with the rights and laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, stressed the importance of educating citizens respect for the law.

During the conversation with students the following questions were used:

What duties do citizens have in society and to each other?

Nowadays we often hear the words “rule of law”, “civil society”. How do you understand the meaning of it?

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