Open curatorial hour on the theme:” Independence is the pedestal of the Mangilik El”

On December 15, 2022, the adviser of the Department of Pedagogy Baibekova Venera Alimkulovna held an open curatorial hour with students of the PIP-20-2, pmNo–20-2 courses on the topic “Tauelsizdik – Mangilik eldy tugyryy”.

The purpose of the event: to give a deep understanding of Independence. “I don’t know,” he said, ” but I don’t know.” A review of the history of the country on the eve of the celebration of independence of the country. Familiarization with the achievements of an independent country, deepening knowledge.

There is nothing far from the past, nothing close to the future, – says folk wisdom. Not only the era of Khans and Kagan has become a thing of the past, over the past 31 years, our creative path has become a history. If for the generation that stood at the origins of independence the history of the nineties is understandable, then for the new generation the historical significance of those years is not obvious. For young people, Independence is devotion from birth, a gift of fate.

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