Online meeting with a doctor of the Academy

From 9 November 2020, Bolashaq Academy senior students will start laboratory and practical classes, which will take place in the university classrooms.

In this regard, on 5 November 2020 a meeting of students and a doctor of the Academy of Kuur Svetlana Geraldovna was held online, during which the sanitary standards for students and teachers were explained.

Dear students and teachers!

Entry and exit to the Academy building is only possible through the main building exit.

You need to pass thermometry and record your arrival at the rankings in your notebook with the time and temperature of your body.

Staying in the corps is mandatory only with a mask. You also need to carry a clean mask for your shift after 2-3 hours.

Please observe the route of movement on the body, mandatory distance (markings available).

Please treat your hands with antiseptic.

Classes for students are strictly in one room. Moving from office to office is prohibited.

Quartzing will take place in classrooms during the day.

Dear students and teachers! In case of any indisposition, you are kindly requested to stay home. Further visits to rankings and workplaces will only be possible with a certificate or sick leave from a medical institution.

Bolashaq Academy doctor Svetlana Geraldovna Kuur supervises students’ attendance and compliance with sanitary standards.

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