Online meeting of the Rector of “Bolashaq” Academy with the faculty of pharmaceutical disciplines department

On April 17, 2020 an online meeting of the Rector of the “Bolashaq” Academy, Professor Menlibayev Kuralbai Nesipbekovich, with the teaching staff of the Department of Pharmaceutical Disciplines took place.

The online meeting was held using Skype software. The meeting was held in business format.

At the beginning, the regulations were defined and clear goals and objectives were set for this meeting.

According to the rector, the work of distance learning is successfully carried out at the Academy, where materials on all educational programs are placed.

The Rector informed that the Department of Higher and Postgraduate Education of Kazakhstan together with the University of International Business and the National Office of Erasmus+ Kazakhstan conducts a webinar on “Evaluation of the relevance of educational programs in the rating of Atameken.

Distance learning is not a novelty for him, Professor A.M. Mukhametzhanov of the Pharmacy Department said. In remote training there are pluses: it is possible to spend an open lesson, to check up readiness for occupation more students. He thanked IT department specialists for their help.

S.K.Boldysh, associate professor of Pharmacy Department, supported A.M.Mukhametjanov, noting good attendance and activity of students.

The professor of Pharm. disciplines chair Tanimova G.T. raised the question about the form of examinations.

Rector was interested during the meeting about the course of vocational guidance work. Also offered to work closely with the city mass media, to carry out regularly the analysis of the conducted work.

Professor of pharmacological disciplines department A.M. Mukhametzhanov noted that the work is carried out all over Kazakhstan, they were sent booklets in Russian and Kazakh to Pavlodar schools.

The docent of pharm. disciplines department Boldysh S.K. was interested in the question of student recruitment after the college and the second higher and if necessary, the creation of a new educational program.

The head of the Department of Pharmacy Disciplines Murzaliyeva G.T. noted that OP is and on the basis of the registered in the register will be created RUE for shortened education.

The rector informed that it is possible to introduce some disciplines for distance learning next year, proposed to send the possible disciplines for consideration.

At the end of the meeting it was decided: to decide on the format of the state exams and intermediate examinations, to determine the RUE for students studying in an abridged form.

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