New textbook

“Bolashak-Baspa” has issued the textbook “Modern history of Kazakhstan” of the teacher of general disciplines department, candidate of historical sciences, associate professor Urazbayev Khamiat Kurentaevich.

The educational and methodical manual on a subject “Modern history of Kazakhstan” tells about history of mankind and organically is intertwined in a context of a world history, history of Eurasia and the countries of the Central Asia. “Contemporary History of Kazakhstan” studies the period in which historical events, phenomena, facts, processes revealing historical regularities that took place on the territory of the Great Steppe in the XX century and up to nowadays are reflected in a holistic form.

The historical material presented in the textbook covers all the most important stages: the history of modern Kazakhstan, the Strategy “Kazakhstan-2050”, the Kazakh model of the economy of the XXI century, the national idea “Mangilik El”. All the achievements made during these years are the merit of the Kazakh peaceful people, who, thanks to the far-sighted policy of N.A. Nazarbayev Elbasy, created a single peace-loving country aimed at a bright future.

Chronological limits in the given manual cover history of development of national ideas and movements on a way to independence of Kazakhstan. Official documents from archival fonds are also included.

The textbook is intended for students, master’s students, and also for all readers interested in the history of modern Kazakhstan.

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