Meeting of the Rector with students on winter session issues

On 2 December 2020 Bolashaq Academy students had an online meeting with the Rector, heads of departments and heads of services responsible for organizing the educational process.

Rector of the Academy, Professor Menlibayev Kuralbai Nesipbekovich announced the purpose of the meeting – once again on the eve of the session to clarify some points in the course of the future winter session.

The head of the IT department also addressed the students, explaining the issue of proctoring.

This is not the first meeting with students, meetings were held on various issues during the autumn semester, with the involvement of heads of various departments, ensuring the organization of the learning process in a remote format.

During the meeting, students were answered by U.T. Kireeva, Vice-Rector for Educational and Methodological Work, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, S.B. Bekzhanova, heads of UMU, B.B. Bekbasheva, M.B. Aubakirova, DOT Centre, A.A. Shlyupikov, IT Department.

Separately, it was mentioned about additional measures to ensure normal course of the session:The call centre for quick reaction in case of technical failures of students during the exam was renewed; additional web-cameras were purchased for further transmission to students during the session; free accommodation in the dormitory for students taking a session in the prepared computer rooms of the dormitory in compliance with the required sanitary standards;permission has been obtained from the Directorate of Rural Schools, allowing individual students to take exams on their basis;

-protection instructions have been prepared and conducted. Procoring instructions in three languages are available on the Moodl platform.

In summary, the rector emphasised that “we only hold all events so that you can be calm and receive answers to all your questions when taking part in the exam session. Believe me, we are doing everything in your best interest, but in strict compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on education”.

The result of the meeting was full satisfaction of students with the answers to the questions they were asked.

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