Magazine “Current Education”

Bilim Expert Agency offers an electronic version of the magazine “Modern Education”.

The number is devoted to questions and problems of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the conditions of training in a format online.

“Time has demanded to transfer our life in online. Even if in the near future schools and other educational institutions will physically revive, one thing is indisputable: the former unconditional domination of the open world.
The training, which was called yesterday a cute old word “face-to-face”, unfortunately, is going to the past. It is being extended to all spheres, primarily education, practice and laws of the digital community.

In the event of a merciless substitution of the real with the virtual one, it is important to prevent the involuntary alienation of each other.
from a friend, the extreme manifestations of individualism with the seeming availability of communication, the seeming presence in the thick. The main thing is the result: a cool specialist, a well-established person. The responsibility of teachers, teachers, parents, organizers of education has increased many times. After all, great art – on the crest of a digital wave to feel at the same time a solid soil under your feet. We need to bring up such firmness in our children as well.

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