Local history quiz dedicated to the Day of Science and Cosmonautics

April 12, 1961 was marked by the conquest of Space all over the world. A local history excursion of our city showed the relationship with this event that changed the history of mankind. Students of the Academy were asked to take a quiz consisting of 12 cognitive questions and developed by Ekaterina Shitova and Vladislav Tereshchenko, studying the discipline “Local History”. The quiz could be taken up to and including April 12 in an online format. The jury of the contest, represented by the quiz developer Ekaterina Shitova, determined the finalists of the contest.

To win this quiz, the students had to remember all the districts and significant places of the city associated with space. After all, Karaganda is a space harbor. At every step, you can meet places named by cosmic terms. In addition to knowledge, it was necessary to use logic. Students Varvara Filonova and Karina Khusainova did their best, for which they received well-deserved first places.

Head of the Department of OOD Ilyasov A.U.,

student of the In-21-1 group Ekaterina Shitova

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