Lecture under the state program on countering religious extremism and terrorism in Kazakhstan for 2018-2022

On October 21, in “Bolashaq” academy Professor Zhumadilova Nurshat Toleugalievna gave a lecture for students on “Religious currents: Salafism”.

Salafism is one of the Islamic currents spread among the Muslims of Kazakhstan.

Salafism for the first time appeared in Kazakhstan in the beginning of 1990-s and basically is distributed in the western regions of the country. Since then, both official clergy and secular authorities in Kazakhstan have opposed the spread of Salafism in various ways.

During the lecture, the lecturer stopped on the scientific basis, the history of Salafism, and also told about how this trend has found its spread in Central Asia and Kazakhstan.

Awareness-raising work was carried out to prevent religious extremism and terrorism among young people, as well as to improve religious literacy among young people and to warn against destructive religious currents.

During the lecture, students expressed their views.

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