Kurt Lewin is the focus of the “Personality Plus” psychological club

November meeting of the psychological club “Personality Plus” which gathered students and graduate students of the educational program “Pedagogy and Psychology” is dedicated to the personality of an unusually interesting scientist who entered the history of psychological science as a star and at the same time is endlessly modern today – Gestalt psychologist Kurt Lewin.

Historical and scientific context in which was inscribed difficult fate, sincere love and scientific search for a man and a scientist Kurt Lewin, very interestingly outlined the students of the third year Dilnaza Nazarova and Karina Perepechkina. They have successfully chosen the form of dialog reflection that allowed to see the living, real and great Kurt Lewin, who developed Gestalt psychology, able to explain many phenomena of modern life. About the deep immersion of Dilnaz and Karina in the problem testified the free and bright and concrete answers to the questions of interested students about the connection of Gestalt psychology which appeared in the last century with our life “here and now”.

Madina Sapargalieva, a fourth-year student, chose several of the 114 laws of Gestalt completion (pregnancy, background and figure, closeness, closeness, creating a complete image in fragments).
These, from Madina’s point of view, are the ones most frequently encountered in our reality. Through precise and clear scientific grounding, bright visual supports, skilful reference to real life examples Madina has managed to prove that the laws of Gestalt psychology (especially background and figure, pregnancy disorders) are actively used in modern clothes coding, architectural planning, furniture and premises design, the art of visage to create a holistic image.

«Теория силового психологического поля» в научном наследии К.Левина являтся не только “The theory of the force psychological field” in K. Levin’s scientific heritage is not only the core, but is also characterized by sufficient complexity of cognitive comprehension. But Vladislav Kim, a graduate student, was able to give such a subtle reflexive analysis of this problematic scientific aspect that “semantic valence”, “quasi-needs”, and “the actual part of the world” opened for the students the possibility to look at themselves and their lives in a new mode of “temporal perspective”. I want to emphasize the scientific passion and personal sincerity of Vladislav, who managed to present the famous “field theory” of K. Lewin very adequately.


About one of the favorite and, probably, the most famous pupils of the great scientist Bluma Wolfovna Zeigarnik with deep interest and enthusiasm the student of the educational program “Pre-school education and upbringing” Laura Zhampeisova told. We should say “Bravo!” to the author because not being a psychologist, Laura was able to construct an exact algorithm of fate and scientific research of B.V. Zeigarnik who, according to the student, at night comes from TV screens to every home, having discovered the curious and eternal “law of incomplete action”.

That is how the great scientist of the last century Kurt Lewin visited the psychological club “Personality Plus” and is recognized as his own, modern in the 21st century.

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