Introductory conference on pedagogical practice

On December 26, 2022, an introductory conference on pedagogical practice was held at the Bolashaq Academy among students of the PMNO-20-2 and PMNO-21-2 groups. It was attended by students of the PMNO-20-2 and PMNO21-2 groups, senior lecturer of the department Arunova Zh.A. responsible for the practice, heads of the practice Sarbasova K.A., Medieva S.H.

​The conference was held in order to increase students’ interest in the profession, to give them the opportunity to use the theoretical and practical knowledge gained during their studies at the academy in practice at school.

During the conference, students were introduced to the goals and objectives of the practice and the program. The leading teachers provided the students with all the necessary documents and methodological recommendations for the organization of practice.

The purpose of pedagogical practice is to consolidate and deepen knowledge in general scientific, cultural, psychological and pedagogical, methodological and special disciplines, as well as the formation of pedagogical skills, skills and competencies based on theoretical knowledge. Students attend schools and gymnasiums under a pre-approved contract. The group PMNO-20-2 “Pedagogical” practice will take place on January 23, 2023 at the gymnasium named after M. Zhumabayeva, and students of the PMNO – 21-2 group “Psychological and pedagogical” practice will take place in the OSH branch No. 23 under the educational program 6B01301-Pedagogy and methods of primary education.

At the stage of pedagogical practice, students develop the necessary professional skills of pedagogical reflection and critical understanding of the pedagogical process in future pedagogical activity, as well as practice allows students to master practical skills of pedagogical activity and the basics of pedagogical skill.

Students asked questions about the practice. The questions of the students were answered by senior lecturer of the department Sarbasova Kalimash Amangeldinovna. Students were given vouchers, a practice diary.

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