I thank fate

In October 2010, when I reached the age limit for service, I resigned from the internal affairs agencies. Having the necessary documents for practicing as an attorney, I planned to retire to practice law.
But in October 2010, almost immediately after my dismissal, I was invited to work at Karaganda University “Bolashak” in the Department of Criminal Law and Procedure. And in these October days of 2020, it turns out that I have been working in this beautiful creative team with the symbolic name “Bolashak” for 10 years.
Today, summing up 10 years of work, there is a sincere desire to write a review of my favorite university, based on my observations. Thus, for 10 years of work in the Academy I can not remember a single case of late payment of wages, vacation pay, or any inconvenience associated with the material and technical support of the university, for example, the forensic training ground, where I work directly. On the contrary, every year we replenish our polygon with necessary equipment and thank the administration of the university for their support.
I would also like to note that during the holidays we receive a pleasant bonus, receive monetary compensation for travel expenses, three times a year we receive social assistance in the form of a food basket with a wide range of various food products, which pleasantly surprise our families, friends, colleagues from other universities and even cab drivers, whose services we use when delivering food home.
Fun, interesting to all our friendly team we celebrate the New Year, Nauryz, which are held with creative competitions in New Year, national costumes, summing up the results of labor achievements in various categories and, accordingly, the issuance of cash prizes and valuable gifts.
During the winter vacations, students improve their skills by teaching methods and master computer technologies for distance learning of students, we are developing. The Academy has all conditions for this and a professional team of programmers is always ready to help us when necessary.
In our university there are meetings of students and teachers with famous creative people from Kazakhstan, near and far abroad, scientific-practical and scientific-theoretical conferences with participation of famous scientists, public figures.
In summer time, finishing the academic year, all collective leave on two-day rest on lake Balkhash.
Students, teachers, staff are brought to the Academy and brought back by our bus.
A special holiday we have September 1 – Day of Knowledge. On this day, we welcome new entrants, devote to the profession, treat those who wish festive ice cream.
The other day in the autumn each employee of the university traditionally received vegetables: potatoes, carrots, beets, cabbage, onions. We are preparing for winter together.
This is how we organize not only work, but also care in the Academy “Bolashaq”, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. You must admit that he is still young in comparison with other universities of our city.
Every person, regardless of age, hopes for the future – Bolashaq!
I thank fate that continuing my career, I found myself under the control of Bolashaq Academy and sincerely wish further prosperity to my beloved university, I wish health and creative success to its united team!
Regards, Ospanova Gulnar Slyamzhanovna

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