Happy International Women’s Day – March 8!

Dear women! Congratulations on International Women’s Day!

This beautiful spring holiday symbolizes the beauty, goodness and love.

Each year the International Women’s Day gives us an opportunity to express in a special way the warmest feelings towards the beautiful half of humanity, to celebrate an extremely important role that you play in the life of our state and society. It is no coincidence that a Kazakh proverb says: “A woman with one hand rocks the cradle and the other hand rocks the world”.

Our country gives top priority to the protection of women’s rights and the creation of conditions for the full realization of their potential. Thanks to the systematic support of the state, women’s participation in the economy, politics and social activities has been consistently increasing.

Your active citizenship encourages the successful resolution of pressing social problems and promotes the country’s comprehensive development.

Wisdom, energy and creative labour of Kazakhstani women help us to overcome any difficulties and adequately address the most complex challenges.

We wish you good health, happiness, prosperity and the realization of all cherished desires!

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