Happy First President’s Day!

Dear friends!

Academy “Bolashaq” heartily congratulates you with a state holiday – from December 1, Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan! It was on this day – December 1 – that the First President was elected, the institute of the presidency of the Republic of Kazakhstan was established, having an undeniable impact on the whole course and development of our statehood.

It is a holiday of all multinational Kazakhstan, a day when the stewardship of our republic was celebrated high and the centuries-old dream of our people came true.

The Day of the First President is the day of unity of the historical choice. In the country it is considered that the institute of presidency is the guarantor of stability of bases of a constitutional system and should promote formation and the further development of the Kazakh statehood.

Today Kazakhstan has become a state with firmly established inter-ethnic consent, which has achieved changes in all directions of public life, constantly developing economy, science and culture. Thanks to the constructive policy of our first President, we have achieved social and economic development trends.

With all our heart we congratulate you on the Day of the First President!

We wish you family wellbeing, good health and happiness.

May our Motherland, the Republic of Kazakhstan, develop, grow and prosper!

May all our undertakings be fruitful and the future bright!

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