Happy First President’s Day

Dear students and staff of Bolashaq Academy and the people of Kazakhstan!

With all our heart we congratulate you with a public holiday – Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

This day – December 1 has been chosen as a holiday due to the fact that on this very day in 1991 Nursultan Nazarbayev has been elected as the President of Kazakhstan at the first in the history of the country nationwide elections. Yelbasy created the modern state and outlined the borders of Kazakhstan on the world map.

The Day of the First President – the holiday, opening the new milestone in the development and establishment of the statehood of the Republic of Kazakhstan – young, strong, powerful state with great potential. Therefore the Day of the First President of Kazakhstan symbolizes the unity of the Leader of the Nation with the people on the way of prosperity and progress.

On this solemn day I sincerely wish everyone good health, peace and happiness. May our homeland, the Republic of Kazakhstan, always prosper.

“The Very First Day” – A documentary film dedicated to the Day of the First President.

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