Curatorial hour dedicated to the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan

June 4, 2024, senior lecturer of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Intercultural Communication Ganeyev R.R. conducted a curatorial hour for students of groups IN-23-1 and IN-23-2 on the topic “State symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. The event took place in room 317.

The purpose of the curatorial hour was to introduce students to the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan, their history and meaning, as well as to increase the level of patriotism and respect for national values.

Curator R.R. Ganeyev began the event with a welcoming speech, noting the importance of knowing state symbols for every citizen. During the event, a presentation was made covering the following aspects:

State flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan: the curator spoke about the colors of the flag, their symbolic meaning and the history of its creation.
State emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan: students learned about the elements of the coat of arms, their symbolism and meaning.
National anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan: the creation of the anthem, its authors and the meaning of the words were told.

Particular attention was paid to the historical context of the approval of modern state symbols of Kazakhstan, as well as the changes that occurred with them over time.

To better understand the information, videos were shown showing ceremonial moments associated with state symbols, such as raising the flag and singing the anthem at official events.

Students actively participated in the discussion, asked questions and shared their knowledge. Ganeev R.R. willingly answered all questions, maintaining a lively dialogue with the audience.

In conclusion, the curator thanked everyone for their participation, emphasizing the importance of respect for state symbols and national values. The students expressed gratitude for the interesting and informative meeting; many noted that they had learned a lot about their country and felt proud of its achievements.

The curatorial hour was successful and contributed to patriotic education and increased cultural awareness of students. It is recommended to include such events in a regular educational program to develop among young people respect for the national values ​​and history of their country.

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