Residents of the city of Karkaralinsk and the Karkaralinsky district thank Yury Popov and the project “Karlag: Memory for the Future” for the donation of copies of the book “Red Wheel of Karkaralinsk”.
For several years Yuri Popov has been co-author of books published by the project “Karlag: Memory for the Future”.
His son Pavel Yurievich Popov donated a copy of the book “Karkaralinsk “Red Wheel” to the library, museum, archive, school, Shakhter resort zone and mayor of Karkaralinskiy district.

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Thank you letter.
Dear Yuri Grigorievich, Head of the Karkaralinsk Historical and Local Lore Museum of Abisheva Nazym Bolatovna is addressing you.

Today 12.09.2019 your son Pavel Yurievich came to visit you. He presented with an invaluable gift – the book “Karkaralinsk “Red Wheel”. This book will supplement the library of our museum. Thank you for many years of work, the staff of our museum wishes you good health, prosperity!

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