Final meeting of the Academy’s Scientific and Technical Council

On June 12, 2020 from 10:00 to 13:00 the final meeting of STC was held.

Several issues were discussed on the agenda.

Scientific publications and monographs of the faculty, collective monographs of the departments and recommendations for their replication were discussed.

They listened to the results of the research work of teachers and students of all departments, as well as reports on the activities of all scientific student groups for 2019-2020 academic year. All those responsible for science and research work and scientific student groups of eight departments made speeches on this issue:

OOD – Kosmanova A.B., Shashanova M.B.,

KLL- R. Abdrakhmanov, A. Ermekbai,

DINO – G.K. Bokizhanova,

PI – Shutenova S.S,

LD – R.D. Okashev, N.S. Zhumzhumaev,

IAIMC – T.V. Maryshkina, A.N. Kalizhanova,

Finance – A.S. Daribekova, A.V. Pimenov,

Pharmacy – G.T. Tnimova.

K.T. Ibrakhimova, Chairman of SMU, made a report on activity of the Council of Young Scientists.

Further, the report on the grant project implementation was made by the project supervisor Orazgalieva G.Sh. and CPC director, member of the working group of the project Kalizhanova A.N.

The results of the research and development of the Academy Scientific Centres were presented by the Directors of the Centres*.

TSPiEI – Arystanbekov M.A.,

“Rukhaniyat” Center- Aupenova A.U,

TSGP – Shutenova S.S.

Constructive analysis was carried out for all the reports, and suggestions and proposals were made to improve the work on those items on which there are certain shortcomings.

In general, the research work of the university was approved. All reports were approved.

Smolkina T.P., Chairman of STC

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