June 4 – Day of State Symbols of Kazakhstan

Today Kazakhstan is celebrating the 28th anniversary of state symbols.

The date of the holiday is connected with a landmark event for our country.

It was June 4, 1992 when the flag, coat of arms and anthem of the Republic were officially approved. This marked the beginning of Kazakhstan’s history as a new and independent state.

The author of the blue canvas depicting the sun and the silhouette of a soaring eagle is the artist Shaken Niyazbekov.

And the coat of arms of sovereign Kazakhstan is the result of great work and creative search of architects Zhandarbek Malibekov and Shota Ualikhanov.

The anthem of our country since 2006 is the song “Menin Qazaqstanym”. It was written in 1956 by Shamshi Kaldayakov on verses by Zhumeken Najimedenov. To give the solemn composition a high status of the national anthem, the First President Nursultan Nazarbayev finalized the original text.

Law on State Symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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