Discussion on the President’s Station of the Nation Address

On September 11 in the Academy “Bolashaq” a meeting of the Academic Council was held, where they discussed the Address of the Head of State to the people of Kazakhstan “Constructive public dialogue – the basis of stability and prosperity of Kazakhstan”.

Rector of the Academy Professor Menlibayev K.N. noted that the First Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kasym-Jomart Tokayev to the people of Kazakhstan is a program document of paramount importance to our society and all the tasks set by the Head of State in the current Message are extremely relevant, deeply developed, have a resource support and are a continuation of the course set by the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – N.A. Nazarbayev.

“Our Academy as an entire Republic with its President and government, we also have our own goals and objectives, which we have achieved over the past year and they are very important for us”, – said in his speech the Rector of the Academy.

Kuralbai Nesipbekovich summed up the results of the last academic year and spoke about the achievements of the academy.

Professor A.M. Mukhametzhanov, a doctor of medical sciences, spoke in detail about a very important area of life for Kazakhstanis – healthcare.
A pilot project on introduction of medical insurance was launched in Karaganda from September 1.

“It was decided to implement the project in a pilot mode in Karaganda Region, because all medical institutions here have already managed to switch to the Integrated Medical Information System (IMIS). This means that all data on patients, their diagnoses and prescribed medications and procedures are stored in a single database. Due to this, it will be easier to introduce the system of OMS in the region,” Professor A.M. Mukhametzhanov noted in his speech.

Amantay Mukanbayevich answered all questions.

The next speaker was candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Musanova A.K.
In her speech, she analyzed the President’s Address on economic issues. The themes of social character were touched upon: pension savings, improvement of housing conditions, etc.

Ayman Kadyrkhanovna also answered all questions of interest.

The Academic Council closed the speech of the President of the “Bolashaq” Student Republic, Beksultan Magrupzhan.

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