Curatorial hour on the topic: “Youth against alcoholism, tobacco smoking and drug addiction”

On 23.02, a curatorial hour was held on the topic “Youth against alcoholism, tobacco smoking and drug addiction”, students of 1,2,3 courses took an active part. The speakers were 2nd year students: Nuray, Zhibek, Vladlen; as well as 3rd year students Yana and Silara.

The purpose and objectives of the curatorial hour:

Purpose: promotion of a healthy lifestyle, discussion of drug addiction problems, formation of students’ negative attitude to bad habits

Tasks of the curatorial hour:

  1. to form students’ idea of drug addiction as a disease;
  2. Create informative conditions for the prevention of the first drug use, for the formation of skills to resist life difficulties and the influence exerted by other people;
  3. to promote the education of students’ personal resistance to drug temptation, promotion of a healthy lifestyle;
  4. contribute to the formation of motivation for a healthy lifestyle.

The students were informed about the dangers of substance abuse and their prevention.

At the end of the curatorial hour, we conducted a quiz, the team that scored the most points on the questions received a prize!

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