The Nauryz Bata Round table is a blessing from the elders

The Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication pays special attention to the culture and traditions of our people. Annually, the Department of IIA and MK with students of the OP: Foreign language: Two foreign languages organize different events on the eve of Nauryz.

On March 13th, 2024, a round table “Nauryz Bata” Blessing from the elders was held. This event was held in the form of a discussion, which was attended by students of the In-22-1 groups under the guidance of senior advisor Abdresheva Madina Kabbasovna.

Purpose: to reveal the meaning of the concept of “Bata – blessing”; to form students’ understanding that this concept is important to each of them for the development of cultural values and human relationships.

Often the blessing is given in verse. This is usually done by older men and women.

Kazakh history can generally be called the history of the bat. The texts of many blessings of historical figures have been preserved to this day. In the encyclopedia “Abai” you can read: “Zhanibek Koshkaruly (1693-1752). He was nicknamed Shakshak Zhanibek atangan by the people. Shakshak was the name of his great—grandfather in the third generation. He received the blessing from 126-year-old abyz Karakerei Sarah and 90-year-old elder Toygan. At the age of 17, he defeated the main Kalmyk batyr in a duel.”

Then there was a discussion of these issues:

How is the blessing given?

In what cases is the Baht given?

What bata is usually read during Nauryz?

Kazakhs have always adhered to their customs and traditions. And there is no doubt that bata blessings as a means of educating the younger generation will be passed down from generation to generation.

Kazakh bata blessings contribute to the proper development of society. This tradition continues to this day. The blessings reflect the features of today.

Students clearly understand the essence of the word “gratitude” and answer the questions correctly and with arguments.

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