Congratulations on the award!

Aksakal today has become the pride of not only the village, but also the city. We are talking about worthy elders, not ordinary old people.

Among them, Professor of the Department of General Disciplines, Doctor of Philosophy – Nabi agha Elikbayev.
Is it because he was born in the genealogical south, he is an eloquent, deep-thinking, versatile, purposeful person. Spiritually rich, very interesting person.

Eloquence in the language, the ability to find and speak beautifully, one can say, the influence of the native land. Nabi agha is a man who knows where and what words to say. Nabi agha, distinguished by eloquence, education, is a rare personality today.

According to the teaching of oratory, when speaking to each group, there is a style, etiquette of speech worthy of this group. He is well-lit by this skill.

Nabi agha was awarded a badge yesterday. Not just a badge, but an “Honorary veteran of the Ministry of Internal Affairs”.

Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts, Nabi agha Elikbayev!

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