Bulletin of the Scientific Kaleidoscope Intellectual Club Named after Yu.A. Senkevich No.13

You cannot love work without learning to respect it, and you cannot learn to respect it without taking it seriously, devoting all your interest and all your strength to it.

Only by giving the best that is within us can we receive the best that work can offer.”

Vladimir Afanasyevich Obruchev

On October 27th, the Department of General Educational Disciplines at Bolashaq Academy held the thirteenth and second meeting of the Scientific Kaleidoscope Intellectual Club in the 2023-2024 academic year. The event took place in classroom 316 of the main building.

The meeting was attended by students from the first and second-year groups of the Mining Faculty at Non-Profir Joint-Stock Company Karaganda Technical University named after Abilkas Saginov. The participating groups included ГПР 23-3, ГПР 22-3, ГПР 20-4, ГПР 21-3,4, ГПР 22-1, ГПР 21-2, and students Natalya Pirog, Ekaterina Golovina, Ayim Kurmanbai, Maksat Sagynbai, Kirill Kushnerov, Lev Kim, Dmitry Shelegov, Alexander Tokarev, Angelina Goryacheva, Yuliana Murzakhmetova, Nurniyaz Tulegenov, Aibek Omarbekov, Abzhanov A., Shapalatov B., Erlan D., along with faculty members from NPJSC Karaganda Technical University named after Abilkas Saginov, the Mining Faculty. These faculty members include associate professors from the Department of Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits, namely M.V. Ponomareva, D.Yu. Pak, Ye.V. Ponomareva, senior lecturers A.V. Sadchikov, Ye.S. Li, Zh.T. Tokusheva, K.B. Kaskatayeva, and lecturer A.Yu. Tebayeva.

The topic of the October meeting was geophysics and its most intriguing questions: “Unknown Forces of the Planet. How to Search for and Discover Underground “Treasures”.”

At the beginning of the session, the head of the Intellectual Club “Scientific Kaleidoscope” named after Yu.A. Senkevich – Stanislav Yuryevich Smirnov, delivered a welcoming speech to the participants. In his speech, he explained and outlined the goals and objectives of the Club, its regulations for presentations with reports, and announced the opening of Club session number 13.

During the meeting, the following speakers presented:

From Non-Profit Joint-Stock Company Karaganda Technical University named after Abilkas Saginov:

  • Senior Lecturer, Ph.D. – Alexander Viktorovich Sadchikov;
  • Senior Lecturer, PhD – Yelena Sergeyevna Li;
  • Associate Professor, Ph.D. – Marina Viktorovna Ponomareva.

The speakers delivered reports on the theme of the meeting, expressing their desire to address the key questions of modern science by linking it to the past, present, and future. Drawing parallels, they provided their own insights and shared their thoughts on the development of geophysics, the branches of this geological field that are particularly relevant, and conducted an interdisciplinary excursion through all natural sciences.

In addition to that, questions related to productivity in the industry were discussed, especially the challenging issues regarding theoretical methods of exploration, industrial extraction, ore beneficiation technologies, and transportation of valuable minerals. The speakers also addressed the current topic of exploring Earth’s nearest satellite, the Moon, and the prospects of its study to obtain valuable minerals from the dense layers of lunar regolith, as well as the history of the Moon’s formation and its morphological connection to geological processes in the Earth’s crust.

During their presentations, the speakers highlighted pressing issues associated with Earth sciences and geophysical research of the depths of the seas, continental shelves, oceanic ridges, geological structures of various origins, whose impact on the living space of human civilization is especially relevant today. In addition, other topics were also raised during the session and found reflection in the presentations.

Throughout the event, the guests were presented with and commented on presentations providing a general scientific perspective on the phenomenon of terraforming, its characteristics, typologies, and the theory of its origin based on modern scientific data.

The guests shared their subjective impressions of their professional activities in the field of mineral exploration and development in Kazakhstan and paid significant attention to the history of the institution and the dedicated work of geologists and geophysicists in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In conclusion of the meeting, the head of the Club, Stanislav Yuryevich Smirnov, along with the Club coordinator, Yelena Sergeyevna Li, proposed the topic for the next meeting, which will take place in November 2023, and will be dedicated to the science of Astrobiology: “Life Beyond Earth. Is There Life on Mars?” During this meeting, participants will explore the mysteries and puzzles of the planets in the Solar System and extragalactic astrobiology.

Congratulations to all the participants of the Intellectual Club “Scientific Kaleidoscope” named after Y.A. Senkevich on the start of the academic year, and we wish everyone a successful learning experience, excellent grades, and a strong foundation of knowledge. We also look forward to more extraordinary discoveries in all fields of knowledge during your future meetings.

See you at our next gathering on November 24th at 3:00 PM in classroom 316! We are eagerly awaiting applications from departments and students. Please note that the number of participants and guests is limited.

Smirnov S.Yu., Senior Lecturer at the Department of GED.

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