BOLASHAQ team players continue online training

During the quarantine, students led by coach Murat Mukhatayev continue to prepare for the current season at home, switching to a new training format.

Training takes place twice a week, for one and a half hours. At three o’clock in the afternoon, the guys go “on the air” on a special live platform ZOOM. Before that, the team’s coach Murat Meiramovich sends the students the material for the upcoming classes, they get acquainted with the given material in advance. The program includes developmental physical exercises, ball exercises and individual skills. A trainer gives basic developing physical exercises – by time, by minute, by second. The coach sees everyone how who does it right or wrong. He says: faster, higher, how to hold the body, back, to keep up with the legs, quickly rebuilt, to act as a team – clearly and coherently. No problems, the guys do everything consciously and responsibly.

How much online training is needed now?

“Individual training for each athlete is necessary first and foremost to keep fit,” said Coach Murat Meiramovic. – The guys are in an isolated state. Not everybody has mansions where you can go out and stretch out peacefully in the air. Many are in the confined space of the apartment, it’s more difficult for them. And so at least we work out basic exercises to keep fit, for the necessary load of muscles. And the final part is recovery. As a result, our guys are toned up, though at home. We’re really looking forward to going out on the field. After how long, when they cancel the quarantine and announce the championship – nothing is clear about it. But still, we train, we prepare for the upcoming games. We are aimed only at the victory. And everything is okay – both the coach and the guys work with the mood, with desire, perform all tasks. I want to note that today, during the quarantine period, the whole football club “BOLASHAQ” is trying to maintain the pace that was taken in the season 2019-2020. Players, at the direction of the coaching staff, train individually, each receives an individual program”.

It should be reminded that the matches of the National Student League and the League of Football Amateurs have been postponed until the state of emergency in the country.

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