Bolashaq Academy students on distance learning

“I want to share my impressions of learning online.
Firstly, in the current situation and the emergency mode introduced, it is an excellent, and most importantly – a safe option for learning. Perhaps it is not ideal, because it is better to communicate with the teacher alive. But let’s be reasonable and a little patient.

Secondly, it is a good way to self-check: whether you really want to learn, or just go to the school so that your parents are behind you.

Thirdly, now you can take your lecture slowly, smoothly and item by item. Get ready for your assignments. You control your own time. It saves travel time, so you can spend time studying other material.

Our country is in an unstable situation. Be reasonable, don’t panic and keep learning. Because the emergency will be over, everything will fall into place, but your future may be in jeopardy. Take care of yourself, stay home.”

Moroz Olga, student of the group U-19-1

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