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The teaching staff of the department “Pre-school and Primary Education” continues its work in the mode of distance learning.

For today Internet systems work without interruption, possibility of access to all electronic resources of university is provided.

Auditorium sessions on all levels of education in the Academy “Bolashaq” are carried out on educational portals of preschool and Moodle using distance technologies. All necessary educational content is uploaded there: instructions, content of disciplines, practical tasks, electronic textbooks, self-control tests, links, etc. With these training materials, students can learn a new topic on their own.

The teaching staff of the Pre-school and Primary Education Department constantly considers technical and methodological issues related to the organization of the distance learning work. For example, in the pre-primary mode, each student is assigned individual tasks by the faculty and their performance is monitored.

The Academy is constantly introducing distance learning technologies, so it was not difficult for us to transition and adapt to these technologies.

Senior lecturer Sarbasova Kalimash Amangeldinovna

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