Best Teacher 2020

Congratulations to Assistant Professor of Law Department Aytugan Zhumakhmetzy Abdizhami on her victory in the competition “BEST TEACHER OF HIGHER EDUCATION SYSTEM – 2020”!

The title of the “Best University Teacher” has been awarded to 150 people from 48 universities of the country.

The winners of the competition are given the opportunity to undertake an internship at leading universities of the world with the aim of conducting research and improving their qualifications.

A total of 623 candidates from 73 higher education institutions participated in the competition. The activity of teachers was assessed according to actualized qualitative and quantitative indicators of assessment of work of pretenders, consisting of two blocks: I block – quality of teaching, II block – research activity.

For the first time this year, to eliminate subjectivity, the submission of applications for participation in the contest “The Best Teacher of the Higher Education Institutions-2020”, the procedure of documents review, as well as the appeal was done through an information system of the MES RK in the online mode.

Applicants’ scores were published in the information system and gave an opportunity for the contestants to view the results online.


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