Behind the State of the Nation Address

On September 27-28, 2019 E. E. Serimov, the head of the department of postgraduate education of “Bolashaq” academy, candidate of legal sciences, associate professor, visited Ulytau district.

The purpose of the visit was to explain to the population the main provisions of the President’s Address to the people of Kazakhstan dated September 2, 2019 “Constructive public dialogue is the basis of stability and prosperity of Kazakhstan”.

During the meeting, Ye. Serimov noted that one of the priority areas of the Nation Address is the education of Kazakh patriotism.

The new Address is devoted to topical issues of socio-economic development of the country, ensuring the rights and security of citizens, social modernization and the development of the regions.
The head of state noted that local executive bodies set big tasks on creation of effective feedback from the population, diversification of economy, development of social support system.

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