Application process for Master’s Comprehensive Examinations has started

Our future master students

Application process for complex testing has started!!!

Registration: from June 10 to July 15, 2022 on the website

Complex testing is from July 20 to August 10.

  • When registering you choose your own testing location (city).
  • In the case of necessity of making changes in the city or language of CT, and also in the group of educational programmes, you have an opportunity to correct and delete the application before 15th of July (the base closes on that day).
  • After closing the application base the chosen direction of training, group of educational programmes, language and test city will not be changed.
  • Information about the place and time of testing will be available in the Personal Cabinet of the applicant on July 18.

What you need to know about the Main Comprehensive Test in 2022:

Before submitting an application for CT, the applicant should get advice from the university admissions office on the relevance of the fields of education, the selected group of education programme, the direction of postgraduate education and with the CT format;
Links to the virtual admissions office of HEIs are available on the website and the Telegram channel of UTO. The links are displayed in Stories;
The applicant must not have the status of “student” before applying for the educational grant;
Applicants with international certificates confirming foreign language proficiency in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference (standards) for foreign language skills are exempt from the CT foreign language test for the Master’s programme;
The threshold score for admission to the scientific-pedagogical magistracy on the state educational order and on a paid basis is 75 points, and in the profile magistracy – 50 points.
Including: foreign language – not less than 25 points (scientific-pedagogical), the Test of readiness to study – not less than 7 points, on the profile of educational programmes – not less than 7 points (for each subject);

Certificate of CT, conducted in the period from July 20 to August 10 of the calendar year, is valid until December 1 of the calendar year.

The cost of participation in KT is 11 020 KZT. Payment is made online during registration.

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