Advanced training of the Academy’s teaching staff

There’s a lot of writing today about the changes in our lifestyles caused by the pandemic. I want to share my experience and focus on the opportunity to improve my skills and talk about lifelong learning, continuing education.

We have gained access to many educational platforms, and we can pursue professional development at different universities in different countries at the same time. So as not to be unfounded, I want to specifically describe my own experience and the experience of my colleagues in the department.

Over the past year I have taken 5 courses on the platform Coursera, 2 courses on Clarivate Web of Science, a webinar with Professor Gareth Dyke and the Institute of Zoology of the MES RK and several courses in different universities in Kazakhstan. Webinar with Gareth Dyke started on 15.01.2021 and ended on 17.02.2021. We met once a week.

Webinars were attended by young scientists from all over Kazakhstan, among them was a master’s student of our Academy Ospanova R. and students of ODO, writing their thesis. I want to dwell especially on the last professional development, organized by the MES RK, RUMS under our educational program and KazUMO and MIA named after Abylai Khan on “Problems of organization of multilingual education in the conditions of DOT” for 72 hours.

Webinars were held from 18.09.2020 to 15.04.2021. 12 teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication took part and received certificates upon successful completion.

The pandemic has made adjustments in our lives and we, as conscious people, are looking for new approaches to meet the complex challenges of our time. Much depends on us, on our desire to learn new things, to learn and to pass our experience to our novice colleagues. I wish everyone to learn, learn and learn!

D. in Philosophy, Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages and IC Ibrayeva B.M.

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