A Lecture Was Given to Master Students

“Bolashaq” Academy first accepted master’s students for the winter admission to the Kazakh language and literature education program in accordance with the requirements adopted in the 2021-2022 academic year.

This year, on December 20-21, 2023, the defense of the master’s degree in pedagogic sciences of these graduate students was completed. The first in the MK-22 group were graduate students A. Smykova, G. Zharkeyeva, A. Abikeyeva, A. Zhapabayeva, A.M. Baimamyrova, D. Kopeyeva, A. Ospanova, A. Kyzyrova who successfully defended their dissertations.

Members of the final attestation commission Professor of the Department of Kazakh Linguistics of Buketov Karaganda University, Philology Doctor M.I. Abduov, Philology Candidate Zh.M. Baymurynov, Philology Doctor K.Z. Sembiyev listened to and evaluated dissertation works.

In addition, Professor Muhammadqali Ilyasuly Abduov, Doctor of Philology, from the Department of Kazakh Language at Karaganda University, gave lectures on the topic “Literary Heritage of National Repressed Poets” to the master’s students of the MK-22 group on December 20-21.

The lecture for the master’s students of Bolashaq Academy, who are part of the program for the education of the Kazakh language and literature, has enriched our knowledge and contributed to the development of our thinking. We express our sincere gratitude for sharing your expertise and experiences with us.

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