Independence Is a High Pedestal!

On December 15, in the ceremonial hall of the Academy, a round table discussion was held on the theme: “Ұғыры биік – Тәуелсіздік” (Independence Is a High Pedestal), dedicated to Independence Day. The event commenced with a welcoming address from the rector of Bolashaq Academy, Gulnara Musiyevna Rysmagambetova.

The speakers at the event included Mauen Khamzin Khamzayevich, a professor of the educational program in the Kazakh language and literature, Farida Fattakhovna Sattarova, a professor from the Department of General Education Disciplines, and Stanislav Yuryevich Smirnov, a senior lecturer.

Talented and active students of our Academy delivered poetic greetings. Muratkhan Auzhan, a student from the K-20-1 group, presented a report on the topic ‘ТӘУЕЛСІЗДІК’ (Independence).

Independence is our primary value. Over the course of 32 years, we have shaped an independent Kazakhstani nation and navigated the challenging transitions of the market. We recognize that Independence Day is a special celebration for all citizens of our country.

The declaration of independence marked a pivotal moment in the recent history of Kazakhstan, offering the opportunity for the nation to autonomously build its state, develop its economy and culture, and conduct an independent foreign policy for the first time in centuries.

Қазақ елім!
Туды жастық дәуірің.
Алғандайсың жұлдызыңның жарығын.
Тәуелсіздік құтты болсын, қымбаттым,
Туған күнің құтты болсын, алыбым!
Тәуелсіздігіміз тұғырлы болсын!


Kazakh land!

Into the boundless ages you unfold.

Like the brilliance of your shining stars,

May independence be blessed, steadfast, and bold.

On the day you were born, let joy unfold,

May our independence forever be told!

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