On October 24, 2018, a methodical seminar was held with the participation of the teaching staff of the Department of Finance, Director of the Center for Advanced Training of “Bolashak” Academy A. Kalizhanova and Director of the Republican Institute of Advanced Training “Bilim” V. Zhilkin.

The seminar consisted of two parts. In the first part the possibilities of additional earnings within the limits of creation of complexes or courses of professional skill improvement for 36 hours or 72 hours and attraction of target audience on newly created courses were discussed. V. Zhilkin presented a portal for placement of training complexes within the framework of the memorandum of cooperation signed with Bolashak Academy, as well as told about the kind of complexes to be delivered, how to design programs and how the student sees the courses. A. Kalizhanova gave a detailed presentation on the nuances of creating distance courses and demonstrated how to create a course from scratch. The seminar was productive and useful for everyone. This seminar was the initial stage of work with Bilim. It is planned to hold practical seminars and workshops.

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