Currently, the group Yu-15-1 is undergoing academic mobility training at Karaganda State Medical University in the discipline of “Forensic Medical Expertise” at the Department of Pathological Anatomy and Forensic Medicine, where there are special equipped classrooms and laboratories for special classes. KSMU is the oldest university in the city of Karaganda, was founded in 1950, in the creation of which many universities of the USSR participated.

These laboratories have specialized stands, video films, medical forensic dummies and other special equipment. Their museum has real dissected human organs that allow to demonstrate the material on the listened lectures. This makes it possible to study forensic medical examination not only theoretically, but also practically. But the main one is the chairman’s and professor’s staff of the department under the guidance of Candidate of Medical Sciences Mussabekova Saule Amangeldinovna. The classes are conducted by the associate professor of the department, the Candidate of Medical Sciences, V. Bogoslavskiy and assistant of the department R. Dusmailov, who have not only theoretical knowledge, but also great practical experience in the regional Bureau of Forensic Medical Expertise of Karaganda and Kostanay regions. They have a lot to tell and show about their rich practice.

This theoretical course of study has allowed the two universities to get closer together in the field of common interests in the education of students. The acquired knowledge in the field of forensic medicine allows to increase the level of training of students in law and the use of the knowledge gained in future practical activities.

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