With gratitude to you, our dear Bolashaq!

The staff and faculty of Bolashaq Academy sincerely thank the leadership for caring about their colleagues.

Expressing gratitude for the traditional good deed!

Dear staff of the Academy, today is the beginning of the year and the most polite day is Thanksgiving. On this day, every year, the leadership of the Academy provides us with social assistance, which has passed more than a few quick, traditional ones, and I can only say about it – a thousand and one thanks!

In general, there are a lot of positive thoughts about gratitude. Expressing gratitude by saying Thank you-blessing – wish is a tradition that proves the strong nature of our psychology.

The philosopher Immanuel Kant divided gratitude into two types. Tactfully thank you for your help and “practical gratitude”. It means to help a good cause with words of kindness, moral, business, and material support. Kant believes that gratitude should be felt by everyone as a moral duty.

The philosopher Andre Comte-Sponville notes that true gratitude from the heart of a person is the owner of gratitude and the recipient of gratitude, that is, the soul of both people. Both understand that they are not alone in this world, that they understand each other, that they need each other.

We often do not achieve the dignity of our loved ones. Thank you for the presence of dear people in your soul!

Let’s not wait for a special day to thank you. Let’s not get tired of saying the best words as much as possible, but spare each other the warmth of our souls.

This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about the history of the Kazakh people and the history of the Kazakh people.

First of all, let there be peace, mutual trust, peace and reconciliation in our country! It is important to note that this holiday is not only a holiday of friendship, but also a holiday of gratitude to each other.

Head of the Department of Legal Disciplines Professor Kabzhanov A.T.

On this day I would like to say sincere words of nobility to our native Academy “Bolashaq”. Every year, the leadership of the Academy says “Thank you” to us for our dedication and hard work, and we, in turn, say “thank you” for taking care of each member of our large and strong Bolashaq family.

A.F. Khairullina, Director of the Mass Media Center

The wonderful tradition of giving a bread basket to all Bolashaq Academy employees on Appreciation Day continues. It is great, pleasant, joyful and beautiful to put so many different tasty things made of flour on the dinner table, to share them with relatives and friends and say that our Work has gifted us with it. They are amazed, delighted. On normal days we don’t think about the value of bread as a gift, today we have that opportunity again. Cookies, cakes for tea,.black and white bread for first and second courses. We try something because we don’t buy all kinds of bread every day for various reasons. The aroma of bread is thrilling! It’s rainy outdoors and warm at heart. I thank on behalf of the Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication our colleagues, who for many years have been doing this incredibly beautiful work: they think over the content of the basket, order it, deliver it, give it to us, lift our spirits, make our workplace unusual and even more native.

B.K. Begakhmetova, Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication

I would like to express my gratitude to the management of the Bolashaq Academy. Today, in honor of the day of gratitude, he presented his team with a basket of “food”.

Thank you very much! Let your family survive and your work be fruitful!

Sarbasova K. A. Department of Preschool and primary education

Many thanks to the administrator of our favorite Academy for today’s award

Let our academy grow and grow!

Head of the Student Service Center Tuganbayeva S. T.

I would like to express my gratitude to the administration of the academy and my colleagues, all employees!

Responsible Secretary of the Commission Abylbayeva B. A.

Today is Thanksgiving and we can say thank you to everyone for what we have in our lives: to God, for creating this world for us; to parents, for being able to be in this world; to friends, for making our lives interesting and wonderful; to loved ones, for knowing that there is happiness in life. Happy Thanksgiving.

Doctor of the Academy Kuur S.G.

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