Vocational guidance work in secondary general school №76

As part of career guidance work to inform secondary school № 76, Karaganda about the educational services provided by the Academy “Bolashaq”, May 24, 2021 a meeting was organized on the platform ZOOM by representatives of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology Shutenova S.S., Baibekova V.A.

A meeting was held between teachers of the Academy and graduates of the school and classroom teachers. Those present received with interest a video about the Academy “Bolashaq”. Then the teachers informed them about the rules of admission of full-time students and the conditions of training at the Academy, answered the questions of graduates about the cost and duration of training, the possibility of continuing education in magistracy, the availability of budgetary places, etc.

Sabira Sartaevna and Venera Alimkulovna told in details the school-leavers about the educational programs which one can study at the bachelor or master level of the Academy, what possibilities the acquired knowledge opens and how the acquired skills are in demand on the labor market.

They were also told about the material and technical base of the Academy, about the relations with other universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and foreign countries, about the possibilities of participation in the competitions for educational grants abroad. They also told how interesting students spend their free time doing research, singing, dancing, participating in theatrical performances, various art contests.

Students of 11th forms were informed about new rules of admission to the University as well as they were told about the privileges and conditions of payment for studying.

Students were shown pamphlets and videos on areas of study and the LiMoNaD newspaper.

Masters, Senior Lecturers of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology S.S. Shutenova, V.A. Baybekova

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