Vocational guidance work in Saran

On March 3, 2020 the agitation group from the Bolashaq Academy’s faculty N.S. Daribekova, G.V. Lebedeva, S.A. Bakaramova and S.I. Kopzhasarova visited schools in Saran.

Vocational guidance work is an integral part of the educational process. Fruitful work with school leavers is possible only when a positive image of an educational institution is formed, which, in turn, is formed through the use of new management methods, application of the latest information technologies, methodological support to the educational process and modern material and technical equipment.

For pupils of 9 and 11 classes our teachers presented the educational programs of our Academy. They told about peculiarities of each educational program, about the order of awarding state grants, about interesting student life, as well as answered all questions. They have acquainted with the rules of admission of entrants and conditions of studying at Bolashaq Academy, have answered questions on cost and duration of studying, possibility to continue studying in a magistracy, availability of budgetary places, etc. They have also answered all questions.

We have told in detail about what educational programs can be received, studying at the Academy, what opportunities open the acquired specialties, how they are in demand on the labor market. Future graduates asked whether there is a hostel for nonresidents.

Children learned about interesting and rich life of the Academy students, about mobility, about events held in the university and outside of it, about the student newspaper “Limonad”.

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