“Uzilmes Umit” is the book of the project “Karlag: Memory for the Future”

The regional newspaper “Ortalyg Qazaqstan” published an article “Үміт saulesi” by Bolat Kenelovich Syzdyk, professor of the Bolashaq Academy, candidate of law.

Academy “Bolashaq” within the framework of the project “Carlag: Memory for the Future” published the book” by Sagyndykov Bolat, an honorary citizen of the North-Kazakhstan region, chairman of the Public Fund “Memory” Sagyndykov Bolat Magazuly.

Bolat Magazuly lost his father at the age of one year. Father was arrested in September 1937. Magaz Sagyndykov’s family was informed that he was sentenced to 10 years. After Stalin’s death, the young man started looking for his father. In 1955 Bolat Magazuly learned that his father Magaz Sagyndykov died of tuberculosis in Karaganda region in September 1943″.

In Kyzylzhar district there is a complex memorial dedicated to victims of political repression. The monument to victims of political repression, deportation and starvation was established in 2005. The memorial wall with the name of 7,628 people was erected in 2013-2015.

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