Training seminar on gastroenterology

Students of the Fm-23-2 group, together with curator Temireeva Kumiszhan Slyamgazievna, took part in a training seminar organized by Abbott medical representatives.

The event, which took place on March 6 at 15:00, was devoted to topical issues of health and medicine and, in particular, the correction of gastrointestinal tract problems. The students learned about the use of the drug Creon, which is able to cope with several symptoms due to its unique formula in the form of a minimicrosphere. The use of Duspatalin to normalize bowel function and relieve irritation was also discussed.

The speaker at the event was Svetlana Vladimirovna Plyasovskaya, Professor at the School of Public Health, Biomedicine and Pharmacy of the National Medical University of Karaganda. Her speech was informative and lucid, arousing the interest of all those present.

The participants of the training seminar expressed their gratitude to the organizers for the opportunity to learn about the latest trends in gastroenterology.

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