Traditions of the Academy: potatoes continue to be distributed

On November 28, 2019 the Bolashaq Academy in the House of Students continued to distribute potatoes.

The students received additional social assistance from the academy.

Interesting facts about potatoes.

1.            There are some interesting facts about potatoes in the museum. The most famous “potato” museum is located in Belgium.

2.            In some tropical island countries, potatoes used to be the equivalent of money in the past.

3.            Such a widespread variety of potatoes in Russia “Sineglazka” is actually called “Hannibal”, after his grandfather Pushkin, who was one of the first breeders who experimented with potatoes in Russia.

4.            The capital of the Republic of Belarus has a monument to the potatoes.

5.            There are two varieties of potatoes in the world, differing in blue color.

6.            The most expensive potatoes in the world are grown on the island of Nuarmouthier (France). The cost of a kilogram of potatoes in this variety is about five hundred euros.

7.            The first to cultivate the potato were Indians who lived four thousand years ago in what is now Peru. They bred about two hundred different varieties of potatoes.

8.            The potatoes are about 4/5 made up of water. The exact value depends on the variety.

9.            Potatoes are the first root plant ever grown in weightlessness. This experiment was made in 1995 on the American space station “Columbia”.

10.          The Republic of Belarus ranks first in the world in per capita potato production.

11.          The largest potato ever grown weighed about 8 kilograms.

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